Enolez – Best Bangladeshi Knowledge sharing platform

Enolez - Best Bangladeshi Knowledge sharing platform

As there’s no end to gaining knowledge likewise there’s no end to problems. Every day we face different problems and we look up to someone for help to solve those. Today we’ll introduce you to a complete question-answer-based community whose name is Enolez.

What is Enolez?

Enolez is a dependable platform for solving problems in Bangla. You can get your question answered or get your problem solved by the members of this community or you can contribute to the community by answering questions. It’s a question answer-based community for Bengali speakers. In this era of Information and communication technology, all of us are dependent on the internet. Presently online is the fastest medium to get your problems solved. Whenever we want to know the answer to something, we search for it on the internet. With this view in mind, Enolez started its journey on 5 September 2019.

Enolez - Best Bangladeshi Knowledge sharing platform

Aim: Most people have become dependent on online nowadays. For this reason, people have chosen online as a fast and reliable medium. With that idea in mind, an exceptional community named e-knowledge has been created. Many people say people don’t want to help others without their benefit but Enolez will prove that wrong. The main aim of e-knowledge is to allocate the data or question and answer and store, arrange, process, and exchange within the members of the community to create data that would be open source and available for everyone.

Some other questions related to Enolez have been answered below:

Which things can you do here?

You can ask any type of question and discuss any type of problem on Enolez. For example, information technology-related, business, social, political, familial, personal, physical, etc. You can also answer one’s question or solve one’s problem. You can take part very easily even without registration.

Which things can you do here?

Here directly or indirectly you can’t spam on any question or advertise something, can’t hurt anyone’s feelings, and can’t do any obscene or vulgar content. To know all rules and regulations please visit the rules and regulations page.

Special attraction?

If anyone wants to help someone selflessly and show his/her kindness then we won’t embarrass him/her by rewarding. But to attract people towards helping others we have a reward system which is points based. Every month few best users are rewarded.

Some negative question-answer:

Reading this article some negative questions might cross your mind:

1. Everything is found if we search in Google so why do we need Enolez?

Answer: Google will show answers from these types of sites and there are many questions whose answer you may not get immediately.

2. Nowadays there are lots of Bangla blogs where there is a dedicated section for assistance or question-answer so why Enolez?

Answer: Yes, but you might have observed that people avoid these types of sites. Moreover, among thousands of other tunes, these types of tunes don’t catch the eye.

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Conclusion: You can use Enolez for yourself. You may have a wide horizon of knowledge and that’s why you should use the opportunity to enjoy by helping people distribute your knowledge.

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