Feni Labaid Hospital Doctor List, Phone Number, Address

Do you need Feni Labaid Hospital Doctors list, contact number, with location to make an appointment? Well, we have done the homework for you. Here, we have listed all the specialized doctors’ names, departments, contact info, and addresses of this hospital.

As you know, Feni Labaid Hospital is one of the renowned hospitals in Bangladesh, so that you will find many highly experienced doctors in various fields. So, if you want to make an appointment, see the doctor’s contact information and make a call right away.

List of Feni Labaid Hospital Doctor’s, Location, Contact details

We will share all the doctors’ names, qualifications, designations, departments, chamber hours, including days. So, you will know which doctors are available at what hours. Also, you will find how many days these doctors see the patients. These details will help you contact and make an appointment with the specialized doctors in Feni Labaid Hospital. Recently, we have also published the ZU Model Hospital Feni Doctor List, on our site.

Feni Labaid Hospital Doctor List, Phone Number, Address

Contact Address, Phone Number of Feni Labaid Hospital

  • Feni Sadar, Feni – Parshuram Rd) 3900
  • Mobile: 01827-244848

All Doctors List of Feni Labaid Hospital

ডাঃ সঞ্জয় কুমার পাল

  • এমবিবিএস,বিসিএস(স্বাস্থ্য),এফসিপিএস(মেডিসিন)
  • কনসালটেন্ট
  • রোগী দেখার সময়ঃ দুপুর 2 .00 টা -বিকাল 3.00 টা পর্যন্ত
  • সিরিয়ালের জন্যঃ 01827-244848

ডাঃ উম্মে সালমা আঁখি

  • এমবিবিএস,বিসিএস(স্বাস্থ্য),পিজিটি(গাইনী),সিএমইউ(আল্ট্রা)
  • মেডিকেল অফিসার
  • রোগী দেখার সময়ঃ প্রতিদিন বিকাল 4.00 টা – সন্ধ্যা 7.00 টা পর্যন্ত
  • সিরিয়ালের জন্যঃ 01827-244848

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