How to Create a CV Template in MS Word?

How to Create a CV Template in MS Word

It is sometimes simpler to start writing a curriculum vitae (CV) by using a template, mainly if you are used to dealing with various forms of resumes. However, if you are applying for a job that requires a CV, you should be aware of this.

Here in this article, we will show you how to easily create a CV template in MS word. Then, all you need to do is read through the end of this article and learn about tips.

A curriculum vitae is an alternate resume format that some people prefer to use. It is common practice in several fields (such as academia, education, some scientific fields, and foreign businesses) to favor CVs over resumes when recruiting candidates. The job post will almost always include a request for a CV from the recruiting manager.

Choosing A CV Template in MS Word

How to Create a CV Template in MS Word

The templates you get from MS Word are completely free to download.

Here is how you can access them from your computer-

  • Launch Microsoft Word and then choose “New” in the menu option.
  • Then, put “curriculum vitae” into the search field to look for available templates. (If you prefer, you can obtain examples of resumes and CVs by selecting “Resumes and Cover Letters” from the list of recommended searches.)
  • Finally, choose the template that you wish to work with, and Word will launch your template so that it is ready to be used.

You can even access the templates from MS word online; here is what you need to do-

  • To see all of the available templates, scroll down until you reach the “Resumes and Cover Letters” area (this section also includes CVs).
  • Alternatively, you may search for “resume” or “curriculum vitae” to browse the available templates.
  • To get a preview of the template, you may find it by clicking on the title of the document that intrigues you.
  • Click the “Download” button, then follow the steps to download the CV template to your computer; alternatively,
  • To make changes to the template using Word Online, choose “Open in Browser” and click the button. You can create, edit, and share Word documents with the help of Microsoft’s Word Online service, provided that you have a Microsoft account.

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Effective Tips on Using CV Template

After you have downloaded and opened a curriculum vitae template file, you can start the process of creating your CV by typing over the existing content in the file. To craft a cv that is unique and well-presented, here is what you should do-

Review the CV templates and examples

To create a professional CV, you should look at several templates, such as samples and templates, to obtain some ideas.

Focus on making a Unique CV

Create a resume that is tailored specifically to you and the employer. For example, teaching experience, research, grants and fellowships, publications and presentations, and the like are only some of the elements that are generally absent from resumes but may be included in curriculum vitae. Determine which parts of your CV must be included (depending on the job you are applying for) and which ones can be omitted.

Make sure to customize your CV.

Make sure to customize your updated CV to each application depending on the appropriate level of expertise. When matching your credentials to the job posting, use the keywords included in the posting. This guarantees that your application will grab the committee’s attention in selecting new employees.

Be brief and straightforward.

Even though they might be lengthier than the standard resume, curriculum vitae (CVs) should be as brief as is humanly possible. Even though hiring committees have a limited amount of time to evaluate your application, it might be tempting to utilize the lengthier format to display more of your credentials, talents, and experience.

However, this could be a mistake. Instead, keep your curriculum vitae highly on the job you seek and exclude everything irrelevant to the position; unless included, it can help boost your case.

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