JSC Routine 2020 – All Education Boards Bangladesh

If you are looking for JSC routine 2020 all education board BD, then you are in the right place. From here, you will get the correct and official routine of JSC exam 2020. JSC (Junior School Certificate) is the first public certificate exam of Intermediate and Secondary Education Board, Bangladesh under the Ministry of Education. Every year all education boards BD arrange the JSC exam. Usually, this exam takes place in the November month of every year. In 2020, the JSC exam will start on 2 November. Almost 25 lacs students around the country will participate in this exam. However, only who will pass this exam can admit in class 9. Here we are going to publish the accurate JSC routine for 2020 exam all education board.

JSC Routine 2020 for All Boards:

As we stated earlier that JSC is the prominent exam for class 8 students to get promoted into class 9 if you pass then you will get your first public Intermediate and Secondary certificate. However, to participate in the exam, you must know the full JSC exam routine to prepare yourself for the better grade. This year Intermediate and Secondary Education Board Bangladesh has announced the JSC routine in 3rd October 2020 Not to mention that the exam will start on 2nd November. And the exam will end on 30 November 2020.

JSC exam Routine 2019

The candidates will have to attend a total of 7 subjects such as Bangla, English, Information and Communication Technology, Religion, Bangladesh and Global Introduction, Mathematics, and Science. However, from the 2nd of November, the exam will start at 10 AM. Moreover, the students will get a total of three days to break, which are before English, Math, and Science exam. Therefore, there is a chance to get proper preparation before these three subjects. So wait no more. Here is the JSC routine 2020 for all education board.

No. Subjects Code Time Date Day
1. Bangla 101 10 AM 02-12-2019 Saturday
2. English 107 10 AM 04-12-2019 Monday
3. Information and Communication Technology 154 10 AM 05-12-2019 Tuesday
4. Islam








10 AM 06-11-2019 Wednesday
5. Bangladesh and Global Introduction 150 10 AM 07-11-2019 Thursday
6. Mathematics 109 10 AM 09-11-2019 Saturday
7. Science 127 10 AM 11-11-2019 Monday

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JSC Routine 2020 Dhaka Board

If you are looking for JSC Routine 2020 Dhaka Board, then you are in the right website. From this page, you can the routine of JSC exam 2020. Dhaka Board is the top education board in the country. There are many excellent schools situated in Dhaka. Thousands of talented students will participate in the JSC exam this year. Dhaka Education Board has published JSC routine along with the Official Education board. So, you can get the JSC exam routine from the official website as well as from this page. Here we have provided PSC Result 2020 and JSC routine in various formats such as written, JPG, and PDF. To save, download or type whatever format you want.

JSC Routine 2020 Rajshahi Board

Every year Intermediate and Secondary Education Board, Rajshahi publishes JSC exam routine before the 2-3 month of exam. This year is no different. The JSC exam will start on 2nd November like other boards. The board has also published JSC routine 2020 Rajshahi Board on their official website. So, you can browse their site and get the routine, or you can check or download the routine from this page. Here is the JSC routine 2020 Rajshahi Board.

JSC Routine 2020 Comilla Board

Comilla Board is one of the vital Education Boards in Bangladesh. Like other Education Boards, Comilla Board arranges JSC exam every year. On August 7, 2020, this board has announced the JSC exam routine. The routine is similar to other education boards. You can download the JSC routine from our website or the official page. Here is the JSC routine 2020 Comilla Board for you.

JSC Routine 2020 Jessore Board

Jessore Board is the controller of all the schools and colleges under Jessore division. There are thousands of talented students who participate in the JSC exam each year. In 14th August 2020, Jessore Board has the JSC routine. Like other education boards, the exam will start on 2nd November and end on 11th November. Here is the JSC routine 2020 Jessore Board for you.

JSC Routine 2020 Chittagong Board

If you are a JSC candidate under Chittagong Board, then you can find your JSC routine from their official website. This board notifies the JSC exam routine on July 8. It arranges JSC exam for all the schools under Chittagong division. Here is the JSC routine 2020 Chittagong Board for your convenience.

JSC Routine 2020 Barisal Board

JSC exam 2020 is knocking at the door. From the 2nd November, 2020 JSC exam will start all the schools around the country. However, almost three months before the exam Barisal Board publishes the JSC routine. If you are a JSC candidate under this board and don’t have the routine yet, you should get the routine as soon as possible. Now we have uploaded JSC routine 2020 Barisal Board below.

JSC Routine 2020 Sylhet Board

Sylhet Education Board has been arranging JSC exam for all the institutions under Sylhet division. Like other years, in 2020 this board has declared the exam date along with all the necessary regulations. They published the routine on 10th July. If you didn’t know yet, then download JSC routine 2020 Sylhet board from below as soon as possible.

JSC Routine 2020 Dinajpur Board

All the schools under Dinajpur division will arrange JSC exam according to the rules and regulations of Dinajpur Education Board. They have published the routine 23rd July 2020. If you are a student under this board, then you can get JSC routine from their website. Alternatively, you can download the routine from this page. Here is the JSC routine 2020 Dinajpur board.

JSC Routine 2020 Mymensingh Board

Mymensingh board is the new addition of Intermediate and Secondary Education Boards, Bangladesh. Every year this board arranges JSC exam along with SSC and HSC for all schools and colleges under this board. This year in 23rd July, it has announced JSC exam date and time. Here is the JSC routine 2020 Mymensingh board for you.

JSC Routine 2020 Download PDF version

Do you want to download the JSC routine 2020 PDF format? Well, here we will provide you with the PDF of JSC exam routine BD 2020. PDF is the most accessible file format to see the exam date and time. However, you must need a PDF reader or Adobe Acrobat Reader to check the routine. That’s why we have uploaded the JSC exam 2019 routine as the JPG format above. If you don’t have any PDF reader in your mobile or PC, then download the JPG file. However, every mobile has a default PDF reader. But if you haven’t any, then download Adobe Acrobat Reader from Google Play Store. Now click on the download button below to get JSC routine PDF 2019.

J.S.C Routine 2019 PDF version Download

JSC Exam 2020 Special Instructions

Every education board has provided for all JSC students a few necessary conditions and instructions. Here we have listed the essential ones.

All students are requested to enter the specific exam centre and sit down to assigned seat for the exam.

The exam time is fixed, and you will find the exam duration in your exam paper.

You have to use the same answer sheet for both creative and MCQ questions.

You need to collect your JSC admit card at least three days from the headmaster before the exam.

The candidates must fill up the OMR form with the essential info such as roll number, registration number, and subject code.

Under no circumstances, you must not fold the answer sheet.

The participants must provide their signature on every subject,

You can use a scientific calculator.

The candidates cannot use the mobile phone in the exam hall.

বিঃদঃ এই বছর জেএসসি পরীক্ষা হবে না 

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This is everything about JSC routine 2020 all education board Bangladesh. Hope you have downloaded and saved your routine. Now there is a little time ahead of the exam. So, prepare yourself for a better grade. All the best.

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