National Pay Scale 2015 – Bangladesh Govt Jobs Salary Grade

National Pay Scale - Bangladesh Govt Jobs Salary Grade

Hi Bangladeshi Graduate, Are you looking for the National pay scale 2015 or Bangladesh Government Job Salary structure details? If YES! then you are in the right place. The BD Government has approved a new pay scale 2015 for its employees with a highest basic pay of Taka 78,000 and a minimum of Taka 8,250, allowing an across-the-grade hike ranging from 91 to 101 percent. An officer who joins government service by clearing the BCS examinations will now get a basic pay of Taka 22,000, to which will be added house rent in accordance with the area of residence and medical reimbursements.

Bangladesh Government has revised pay scale several times. And the current pay scale has been revised in 2015. Now it is called 8th national pay scale in Bangladesh. The whole pay scale is divided into 20 grade; the salary started from 8250 as basic. Now the Grade 20 pay scale is also called 5th class employee. Here is the complete government pay scale 2015 Bangladesh.

National Pay Scale - Bangladesh Govt Jobs Salary Grade

8th National Pay Scale 2015 Bangladesh (Monthly Salary)

In this part, you can see the All Govt Jobs Salary Grade in Bangladesh. Our National Pay Scale list last Updated on 03 January 2023.

National Pay Scale Grade Basic Salary in BDT (Taka) Entry & Position
20 8,250 Class 5 to Class 8
19 8,500 Up to Class Eight
18 8,800 SSC/HSC Equivalent
17 9,000
16 9,300 Office Assistant
15 9,700 Primary Assistant Teacher
14 10,200
13 11,000
12 11,300 Primary Head Teacher
11 12,000
10 16,000 Non Cadre Officer
9 22,000 BCS Officer
8 23,000
7 29,000
6 35,500
5 43,000
4 50,000
3 56,000 Minister of Parliament
2 66,000
1 78,000 Secretary/Major General
Senior Secretary, Lt General 82,000 Senior Secretary/Lt General
General, Admiral, Marshal, Cabinet Secretary 86,000 General/Admiral/Marshal/Cabinet Secretary
State Minister of Bangladesh 92,000 State Minister
Bangladesh Leader of opposition 105,000 Leader of opposition
Minster of Bangladesh 105,000 Minster
Chief Justice of Bangladesh 1,10,000 Chief Justice
Speaker of Bangladesh Parliament 1,12,000 Speaker of Parliament
Prime Minister of Bangladesh 1,15,000 Prime Minister
President of Bangladesh 1,20,000 President

Have you ever wondered what the BD Prime Minister’s salary is? Well, if you have already read the above chart, then now you know. Yea, you are right. Bangladeshi Prime Minister gets one lac and fifteen thousand Taka per month. Interestingly, the salary of the Opposite Leader is one lac and five thousand Taka. However, the peak position of Bangladesh govt. pay scale holds by the President of Bangladesh. Currently, BD President gets 1, 20,000 as monthly salary. Moreover, the BCS cadre in Bangladesh gets 22,000 Taka as basic per month.

Bangladesh National Pay scale 2015 PDF (All)

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Source: Bangladesh Ministry of Finance

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