Top 10 Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

Top 10 Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

As a student, you need to know about Top 10 Medical Colleges or Medical universities in Bangladesh. Many of us have a future goal of becoming a doctor. Doctors are the lifesavers of our modern human civilization. Every year in our country, a particular medical examination is explicitly conducted. Candidates need to take one admissions exam to be considered to all Medical Colleges. Following that, students would be admitted to institutions based on their academic and admission achievements. This article will discuss the Top 10 medical colleges in Bangladesh, so stay with me.

List of top 10 Govt Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

Top 10 Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

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1. Dhaka Medical College [DMC]

Dhaka Medical College, also known as DMC, is the most prominent medical college and the biggest hospital in Bangladesh. This medical college is the first choice for students who want to get admission to the MBBS course. It was founded in the ancient time of 1946 inside the Dhaka Division of Bangladesh. Dhaka Medical College began a new chapter in medical college education in Bangladesh after setting off on its journey.

2. Sir Salimullah Medical College

Sir Salimullah Medical College is one of the famous and most popular govt medical colleges in Bangladesh. Affiliated with the University of Dhaka, this medical college is located in the old Dhaka. Sir Salimullah Medical College is one of the oldest medical colleges in Bangladesh, founded in 1875 as a medical school in Dhaka. In 1962, it was renamed Mitford Medical College and became a Medical College. To recognize the Nawabs’ efforts, the institution was renamed “Sir Salimullah Medical College” in 1963 after Nawab Sir Salimullah (1871-1915).

3. Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College

Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical Institution, founded in 2006, is a govt medical college in Bangladesh. It has a distinctive architectural campus and an excellent academic environment and is located in the north-western section of Dhaka. This Medical College has a lengthy history of providing medical treatment. Through distinguished and experienced lecturers, we are dedicated to offering world-class medical education, exceptional training, and high-quality research. This institution expanded its scope by providing a BDS program to complete general medical education.

4. Mymensingh Medical College

Mymensingh Medical College is a government-run medical college established in 1924. Located in Mymensingh, it is a famous medical college hospital. MBBS, BDS, and postgraduate programmers’ in 27 disciplines are offered at Mymensingh Medical College, which is affiliated with both universities of Dhaka and Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical College. Every year, 138 students are accepted to various postgraduate programmers. Of these, 197 students are enrolled in MBBS courses, and 52 students are admitted to BDS courses, with 10 percent of the students being international students.

5. Rajshahi Medical College 

Rajshahi Medical College (RMC) is one of the famous a govt medical in Bangladesh. RMC was founded in 1958. Rajshahi is the location. Rajshahi University is a partner of RMC. After Dhaka Medical College, this medical college was the second medical university in former East Pakistan. It features a big hospital that serves as the primary supplier of specialized health care in Bangladesh’s north of the country. Every year, 200 students are given a chance to enroll in this medical institution.

6. Chittagong Medical College

Chittagong Medical College is one of the oldest medical colleges in the country’s southwestern part. This medical college is famous and reputed for its various literary and cultural activities besides medicine. Established in 1980 with a 500 beds capacity, the hospital has evolved into a 1313-bed hospital over time. MBBS and BDS courses are offered here based on 5 years of study and one year of apprenticeship.

  • Location: 36 K.B. Fazlul Kader Rd, Chattogram
  • E-mail ID: [email protected]
  • Contact Number: 031-630176
  • Official Website:

7. Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College

Sylhet is one of the most amazing cities in Bangladesh, and it is famous for the monument of the revered saint Hazrat Shahjalal (R.). In 1962, MAG Osmani Medical College was founded here in Sylhet. Affiliated with Shahajalal University of Science and Technology, this medical college is a reputable medical institute in Bangladesh. The number of accepted students is currently 150 every year, consistent throughout all Bangladeshi medical colleges. The college has established departments of pediatric surgery, neurosurgery, and neuro medicines.

8. Rangpur medical college

Rangpur Medical College is a government-run medical school in the city of Rangpur. It is located in the northwest region of the town of Rangpur. It was founded in the year 1970. This popular medical college is affiliated with Rajshahi University. This establishment has a total floor space of 7597 square meters. Approximately 197 individuals are allowed to be admitted to this medical institution for the undergraduate programs. The site of this medical institution is naturally gorgeous, and the architecture is well-designed in terms of architecture and engineering.

  • Location: Rangpur- Dinajpur Highway, Cantt, Near Central Jail, Rangpur
  • E-mail ID: [email protected]
  • Contact Number: +880521-66738
  • Official Website:

9. Sher-e-Bangla Medical College

Sher-e-Bangla Medical College, founded in 1968, is a state-funded medical school in Bangladesh. In Barishal, a government medical college was established. They are affiliated with Dhaka University and carry out academic activities on their behalf. Sher-e-Bangla Medical College provides MBBS and BDS undergraduate programs. A total of 1080 MBBS students are enrolled. In addition to the facts, this is to state that Sher-e-Bangla Medical College is surrounded by natural scenic beauty.

  • Location: Band Rd, Barishal, Barishal Division
  • E-mail ID: [email protected]
  • Contact Number: +8804312173547
  • Official Website:¬†

10. Cumilla Medical College

Cumilla Medical College is the last medical college in this list of Top 10 medical colleges in Bangladesh. Established in 1992, a govt medical college affiliated with Chittagong University offers MBBS and postgraduate education in six fields. At the 11-acre institution, 180 students are admitted to get MBBs course, and 24 students can take other doctoral courses. Accommodation is available for students and all staff of Cumilla Medical College.

¬†Final Thought: It is for individuals who are already prepared to surrender themselves for the sake of others, those who are eager to assist the needy, that the medical profession is a good choice. All of Bangladesh’s government and private medical institutions are actively engaged in the development of these vibrant communities. This list of Top 10 medical colleges in Bangladesh highlighted the best 10 medical universities in Bangladesh.

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