Top 10 Group of Companies list in Bangladesh

The private business and group of companies in BD are playing a vital role in the socio-economic development of the country. These groups are working for the welfare of the country’s people through various corporate social activities. Here is the list and short details of the Top 10 group of companies in Bangladesh are given below.

Top 10 Group Of Companies in Bangladesh

Top 10 Group of Companies list in Bangladesh

1. PRAN-RFL Group

PRAN-RFL Group is the largest agro producer in Bangladesh. By name, it is easily indicated that this company divided into two categories. One is “PRAN,” and another is “RFL.”

PRAN refers to Programme for Rural Advancement Nationally. Retired Major General Amjad Khan Chowdhury founded it in 1981. Now PRAN deals with food and beverage products. Besides, they have been exported their product to 138 countries. Around 80, 000 direct employees, and 200, 000 indirect employees are working all over the world. They have 200 brands in 10 different categories.

On the other hand, former “Rangpur Foundry Limited” is popularly known as RFL. It is one of the largest PVC & Plastic manufacturing plants in Asia.  It started its journey in 1980 with Cast iron (CI). These days, they steadily increasing their product. Now, RFL is the leading position in Cast Iron, PVC, and plastic items.

PRAN-RFL group mainly deals in Foods, Agro, Agricultural Utilities, Building materials, kitchen Room Utilities, Electric and Electronics Instrument, Household and industrial items, etc. It has many concerned companies. Among them, PRAN Foods Ltd, Rangpur Foundry Ltd, RFL plastics, RFL Pipe and Fittings, and Regal Furniture are the most popular ones.

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Contact PRAN-RFL Group


105 Middle Badda,

Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh

Phone: 880-2-8835546, 880-2-8835547 Fax: 880-2-8820256

2. ACI Group Limited

ACI stands for Advanced Chemical Industries. It is one of the largest conglomerates company in Bangladesh. In 1968, Mr. M. Anis Ud Dowla founds ACI as the branch of Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI). Around 9053, employees work across the country and 5000 patent products. This company operates through three components as Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Brands, and Agribusiness. They exported to their pharmaceutical products around 30 countries of 4 continents. ‘ACI Consumer Brands’ is producing every needed thing in the daily life of consumers. In Bangladesh, ‘ACI Agribusinesses’ is the largest integrator in Agriculture, Fisheries, Farm Mechanization, Infrastructure Development Services, and motorcycles, etc. ACI has 73 SHWAPNO outlets across the country by touching the lives of over 35,000 households each day.

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The products pharmaceuticals, Antiseptics, kitchen Care, Fabric Care, Surface Care, Electronic & Electrical instruments, Foods, Female Hygiene, Men’s Grooming, Baby Care, Agri Machinery, and Fertilizer are the most popular ones. ACI group has many concern companies. Among them, ACI Consumer Brands, ACI Fertilizer, ACI Salt Ltd, and ACI pharmaceuticals are the most popular.

Contact ACI Group

ACI Centre 245, Tejgaon Industrial Area,

Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh.

Phone: (+8802) 8878603: Fax: (+8802) 8878619, 8878626.

3. Bashundhara Group

Bashundhara Group (BG) is one of the largest industrial group of companies in Bangladesh. BG started its journey in 1987 by Ahmed Akbar Sobhan. Initially, it started as a real estate company venture under the name East West Property Development Ltd (EWPD). After, they completed their first assignment very successfully. Then the company generated and invested in new fields, including manufacturing, industry, and trading. Around 15,000 people work in a different business unit.

Recently, BG received permission from Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority to set up two specialized economic zones in Keraniganj, Dhaka, Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, Bashundhara City is the second-largest shopping mall. Their official slogan is “For the people, for the country.”

Their popular products are cement, real estate, tissue paper, and LP Gas bottling and distribution. Bashundhara Group has almost 40 concern companies under its umbrella. Among them, East West Property Development (Pvt.) Limited, Bashundhara Paper Mills Limited, Bashundhara LP Gas Limited, and Bashundhara Foundation are the most popular ones.


Plot # 125/A, Block# A, Bashundhara R/A,

Road No – 2 Baridhara,


Phone: +880 2 8432008-17

Phone: +880 2 8432196


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4. Beximco Group

The Bangladesh Export Import Company Limited is popular as the name by “BEXIMCO.” Two brothers – Ahmed Sohail Fasihur Rahman and Salman Fazlur Rahman, established it. Beximco is one of the largest and most varied industries in Bangladesh. BEXIMCO has Around 70, 000 employees all over the world. They exported to their products in 103 countries. Their pharmaceutical products exported to 45 countries. BEXIMCO is the first Bangladeshi pharma company to export medicine to the USA. It holds the largest vertical textile and Garment Company in South Asia. Their corporate mission is “Taking Bangladesh to the world”.

BEXIMCO deals in Pharmaceutical products, Real estate, Garments manufacturing, Clothing Retail, Ceramics, and Information Technology; among them are the most popular ones. Their popular subsidiary companies are The Beximco Group, Beximco Pharma, Shinepukur Ceramics, and IFIC Bank.


19 Dhanmondi R/A

Road No. 7, Dhaka 1205


Phone: +880-2-58611001-7, +880-2-58613888, +880-2-58614601


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5. Square Group

Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh. They committed to manufacturing quality products. Samson H. Chowdhury established it in 1958, along with three of his friends as a private firm. It went public in 1991. In this company, around 28000 employees work all over the world.

SQUARE today is a name not only known in the Pharmaceutical world, but also it is today a synonym of quality- be it consumer product, health products, textiles, agro vet products, information technology, and few more. The Square group has many subsidiary companies. Among them, Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Square Hospitals Ltd, and Square Food & Beverage Limited are the most popular ones.


SQUARE Centre 48, Mohakhali C/A Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh

Phone: +88-02-9859007, +88-02-8833047-56

Fax: +88-02-8834941, +88-02-8828768


6. Abul Khair Group

Abul Khair Group is one of the largest group of companies in Bangladesh. Mr. Abul Khair Litu established it in 1953 at Chattogram. First, it was a Cottage Industry than it was famous for its tobacco. AKG is the first billion-dollar selling company in Bangladesh. Around 45000+ employees work across the country.

AKG has various products like Galvanized Corrugated Iron Sheet, Deformed Bar, Cement, Tobacco, Cigarette, condensed Milk, Full Cream Milk Powder, and Food Grains, etc. It has many concern companies under its umbrella. Among them, Abul Khair Tobacco Company Ltd, Abul Khair Condensed Milk, Beverage Industries, and Abul Khair Steels Ltd are the most popular ones.

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House # 75 (New) Raod # 9/A, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka

Phone Number: 9115972, 8115468

7. Navana Group

Navana is a Bangladeshi industrial conglomerate. Mr Jahurul Islam as “Navana Limited” founded Navana Group in 1964. He started his business in 1953 with a construction company named Bengal Development Corporation and expanded his business by setting up new companies i.e. Eastern Housing Limited and Navana Limited, etc. These companies are popular as Islam group. During that time, it was the largest group of companies in BD.

After the death of Mr Jahurul Islam in 1995, Mr Shafiul Islam Kamal emerged into a separate business entity from Islam Group in 1996 and established a new group named “Navana Group” taking the Navana Limited and Aftab Automobiles Limited as its strategic business unit. Then, Navana Group was born and found its new chairman Mr Shafiul Islam Kamal. In this company, more than 5500 employees work across the country.

Navana has more than 20 concern companies under its umbrella. Among them, Navana Limited, Navana Construction Ltd, and Navana Automobiles Limited markets Mahindra and Toyota vehicles in Bangladesh are the most popular ones.

Contact NAVANA Group

Navana Toyota 3S Center,

205-207 Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka – 1208.

Phone: +88-02-9892911, +88-02-9893048

Fax: +88-02-9885002

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8. Akij Group

Akij Group is also one of the largest Bangladeshi industrial conglomerates. Sheikh Akijuddin as a jute trading business founded it in 1940. In 2009, it had become the highest local taxpayer in Bangladesh and contributing 2% to the nation’s entire budget. More than 70,000 employees are working across the country.

Akij Group deals in textiles, tobacco, food & beverage, cement, ceramics, printing and packaging, pharmaceuticals, consumer products, etc. It consists of 24 big concern companies. Among them, Akij Biri Factory Ltd, Akij Plastics Limited, and Akij Cement Company Ltd are the most popular ones.

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Contact Akij Group

198, Akij House, Bir Uttam Mir Showkat Sarak, Tejgaon Sarak, Tejgaon, Dhaka – 1208

Phone:  08000016609


9. City Group

City Group began its journey in 1972 as a mustard oil company venture under the name City Oil Mills. It founded by Fazlur Rahman. After its first successful project, City Group invested in a new area, including manufacturing, industry, and trading. They have more than 10,000 employees.

Their products are Consumer goods, Foods, Steel, Printing & Packaging, Shipping, Power & Energy, Insurance, Media, and Healthcare, etc. City Group has almost 40 subsidiary companies. Among them, City Oil Mills, City Fibers Ltd, CS I Power & Energy Ltd are the most popular ones.

Contact City Group

City House,

Plot # NW (J) 06, Road # 51, Gulshan – 02,

Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh

Phone: +88-02-9852363 +88-02-9852367

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10. Partex Group

Partex Group started in 1962, by industrialist MA Hashem with tobacco trading. It is the conglomerate industry in BD. In this company, more than 70,000 employees are working in different units. They are deals in different products like Food & Beverages, Steel, Real Estate, Furniture, Plastics, Paper, Power & Energy, Jute, Agribusiness, Shipyards, Shipping, Cotton, Textile, Construction, IT, Cables, Aviation, PVC, Ceramics, Telecommunication, Oil, Logistics, Fisheries, etc.

Partex has almost 70 factories across the country. Among them, Partex Oil Refinery, Partex Cables Limited, and Partex Plastics Limited are the most popular ones.

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Contact PARTEX Group

House # 37, Road # 1, Block # I, Banani,

Dhaka 1213, Bangladesh

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In the above, we shortly described the top 10 groups of companies in BD. Here, we listed another group of companies that are operated in Bangladesh.

Top 16 Group of Company List in BD:

  1. Ananda Group
  2. Concord Group (Concord Group Job Circular)
  3. Orion Group (Orion Pharma Ltd job circular)
  4. Habib Group
  5. MGH Group
  6. Jamuna Group (Jamuna Group Job Circular)
  7. Meghna Group (Meghna Group Job Circular)
  8. Walton Group (Walton Group Job Circular)
  9. Nasir Group
  10. M.M. Ispahani limited
  11. S Alam Group (S Alam Group Job Circular)
  12. Rangs Group (Rangs Electronics Limited job circular)
  13. PHP Group
  14. Zaman Group (Zaman Group Job Circular)
  15. Transcom Group (Transcom Group Job Circular)
  16. T K Group etc.

Though there are many groups of companies operated, these are not sufficient for the socio-economic development in this country. So, we should establish more groups of companies to increase our economic growth.

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Kamrul Hayder
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Very Valuable information about top companies in Bangladesh. Thank you.